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O- Andreaus Kon of My BodyGuard 


Black and Red Male

DOB: 02/09/2011

Sire:  Decimus vom Schenken Landchen

Dam:  Emmy of My Bodyguard

HD- "a" fast normal       ED- Normal

Andreaus is owned and handled by Christian Wood

**Available for Stud - fresh, chilled or frozen**

ZPond of My BodyGuard

Black and Red Bitch

DOB: 06/01/12

Sire: Brutus von der Eichendorfschule

Dam: Ushi of My BodyGuard 

HD- noch zuglassen   ED- Normal

Retired and for sale.  See GSD for Sale page.


Owned by Bradley and Christian Wood 

Vina von der Trueheit BH


  DOB:  03/19/13

  Sire:  Tyson Leryka

  Dam:  Varra ze Stribrneho Kamene

  HD- Normal           ED- Normal



  Vina is owned and handled by Christian Wood

Fighta von der Holz Tal

Black Bitch

DOB:  06/20/16

Sire:  Terror von der Staatsmacht

Dam:  Vina von der Trueheit BH

HD:  Normal             ED: Normal

                  (updated picture coming soon)

Fighta is owned by Sharon and Bradley Wood