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Frizanttia, 2012 Filly

 Frizanttia, 2nd Premium with a score of 8.51


(03/23/11)-Lady was ultrasounded and came up as ovulated. 

(04/11/11)-Lady was ultrasouned at 18 days and came up pregnant!!  We also did one more ultrasound at 30 days and all looked good. 

(08/23/11)- Lady is five months pregnant and recieved the first pneumabort 

(10/23/11)- Lady is seven months pregnant and recieved the second pneumabort vaccine.  She is finally starting to look pregnant and get a little baby bump.  I have a feeling this mare is going to carry high

(01/01/12)-  Happy New Year Everyone.  The countdown now begins to Lady's due date which is 02/29.

(02/20/12)- We have began to monitor Lady using a mare cam everynight.  There is no real bag forming or any muscle relaxation, so we are a ways out from foaling

(02/29/12)- Lady's due date is today and there is no way she is foaling.  Her udder is still only partially filled and their is no relaxation of the vula, no tail rubbing.  Muscles around the crop have relaxed though.

Day 342 (03/02/12) - We have been watching Lady on the mare cam, up every 45 mins. to see if baby will be making an appearance.  Lady is doing great.  A little cranky and uncomfortable. 

Day 343 (03/03/12) - Friends are starting to take bets on when the foal will arrive, but many of the days have come and gone.  Can't rush mother nature.

Day 344 (03/04/12) - It was a very cold night and windy, but did keep very warm.  And as you question it, NO baby.  Lady did lay down for most of the night. This is starting to be her pattern.  She will stand in a certain corner for 3 or 4 hours and then lay down the rest night.  Lady is 19 days away from the date we bred her- hurry baby don't wait a whole year.

Day 345 (03/05/12) - Lady was a perfect lady today.  She was very loving and wanted to snuggle on your shoulder when mucking out her stall.  But as you might have guessed NO baby.  Good temperment change to note.

Day 346 (03/06/12) - Lady enjoyed the sun and mild weather.  She did not want to come inside to her stall.  She is still in a great mood.  Hopefully, baby soon.  Gave Lady a bath too today- want her looking nice on her big day.

Day 347 (03/07/12) - Lady did entertain us at 3:30 in the morning as she tried to role over in her stall- she can try rolling over after the baby is born!  Lady has started to rub her tail and is getting the dropped look to her. 

Day 351 (03/11/12) - Family camp out looking to see Lady was going to foal.  Lady has dropped and gotten a little more bag, but still has the crease in the center.  Her vulva has lengthened and there is also some dry, crusted blood on it (very small amout). Most of the signs are there, foal should be here soon .

Day 352 (03/12/12)-Lady was calm, but angry.  She pinned her ears at us and was pacing.  We braided her tail up and bedded her stall heavily with straw.  Her bag has also had a dramatic change.  It is hard and the crease has filled out. If this is a false alarm, at least we can say we are prepared.

Day 353 (03/13/12)- 4:53AM we welcome a beautiful filly to the world. Read story below.  The Veternarian came out and did the post exam.  He said this was one of the best conformed foals he has seen, plus she was flashy.  What a great compliment!