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The Georgian Grande  is the perfect horse from a beginner to an advanced rider.  The horse must have at least 25% Saddlebred and never more than 75%.  They may only be bred with a registered Friesian, Percheron, Clydesdale, Shire, or Belgian. These horses have movements that are of upper level dressage.  The Georgian Grande is very versatile from driving to being dependable on the trail.  These horses are intelligent and proud, while staying calm.  They are easy to work with and train.  Once these horses reach maturity they present the perfect picture of a proportioned horse.  They will carry themselves with deep hocks.  Stallions will show a masculine look while mares will look feminine. 

For more information on the Georgian Grande please visit:  www.georgiangrande.com  

The Friesian Sporthorse is the combination of the magnificent gaits, temperament and beauty of the Friesian with added benefit of endurance, versatility and athleticism.  The goal is to build upon the qualities of the Friesian, not cover them up.  They may have a minimum of 25% Friesian. The mares here at WVF are specifically selected for their potential to create a top of the line sporthorse.  We consider their genetic background to be a huge part of their success.  They must have the pedigree to stand above the average breeding mare, plus the movement, temperament and conformation to produce a correctly conformed foal.   We take pride in our breeding program and put your foal in the position to excel in his/her show career, breeding program or anything in which you ask of them.   

Here at WVF we pride ourselves in being able to offer champion line offspring at a reasonable price.  Our stock is handled daily from birth and are desensitized to set the foundation for a well rounded horse down the road.  We believe in training from day one, so that when one of our babies move on to another farm they will be easier to work with and well mannered. Our broodmares are hand picked for conformation and temperament as well as movement. They must posses all the desired traits one would want in a horse to be used in our breeding program.